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Shapes and Features of Flexible Led Display

2018-08-31 09:26:02

The industry of led display is booming. The market actually changes very quickly, very dramatically. Traditionally, led screen is used to display information. Now we pay more attention to the appearance, in order to make it suitable for the surroundings. So there comes flexible led display and special shape led display, which is restructured on the basis of the traditional led display. It is special shaped led display. Compared to the normal led displays which are rectangle and flat, they come in all shapes: arc, curved surface, hexahedron, letters and other irregular shapes. LED display can be classified into the following 8 types by the shapes:

Sphere Led Display

Sphere LED display produces better viewing effects with a 360 degree wide viewing angle. No problems of 2D perspective. Besides, according to different situation, it can reflect the sphere objects, such as earth, football, etc, onto the screen directly, which makes viewers feel life-life. They can be widely applied into museums, science museums, exhibition halls.

sphere led display

Led Video Identification Srceen

LED video identification is made of special led modules with different sizes. No limitations of the sizes. It can be assembled flexibly into texts, graphics and logos, etc according to clients demands. 

Widely applied into the top of the buildings, famous enterprises, bank securities, municipal constructions, landmark buildings, etc, to enhance commercial values of enterprises. 

Led Video Identification Srceen

LED DJ Booth Display

LED DJ booth becomes a standard configuration of top bars and nightclubs in recent years. Led DJ booth and DJ together produce a good effect, making music and visual effect a best match. It’s a audio-visual feast to viewers. With customized video, DJ booth blends in with led screen. It can be played alone, or played with screen, or overlaid and played.  

LED DJ Booth Display

LED Cube Display

Led cube is a cube that the six sides are all led display. It can be assembled flexibly into other  geometric shapes. The gaps between each side is smallest to bring a best effect. It could be watched at any angle, shedding the impressions of traditional flat display. Suitable for bars, hotels and central positions of commercial real estate, giving viewers a new visual effect. 

LED Cube Display

Arc Led display

The display surface of led screen is part of column curved surface. The exploded view is a rectangle.

Arc Led display

LED Display with Irregular Shapes

The display surface of led screen is irregular flat surface, e.g. circles, triangles, and irregular flat surfaces. 

LED Display with Irregular Shapes

Curved Led Display

The display surface of led screen is a 3D surface, e.g. sphere screen, polyhedron screen, backdrop, etc.

Curved led wall display

Stripe LED Display

The display surface of led screen is made of several led stripe. The dot pitch is relatively large, with high permeation ratio and low contrast ratio.

led Strip display

Now we have flexible led display. It breaks the rules that the spliced led display can be only assembled into rectangle. Flexible led display can have different shapes to display some innovation contents as you want. It could draw attention to viewers at the first sight of seeing it, at the same time, it expands the applications of led display. 

High requirements of R&D and productive technology for Flexible led display

Compared to normal led display, special shape led display focuses on the shapes. Now the main shapes include fan shapes, arcs, circles, triangles, etc. Clients with special demands pay more attention to flexible led display. Higher requirements for productive technology of manufacturers are needed for flexible led displays are in all shapes. Disqualified productive technology may cause problems such as larger gaps between spliced led display, roughness surface of spliced led display, etc, which will have a bad effect on the visual effect and the beauty of the design. The most important thing is the design of circuit and structure is complex, so manufactures must have higher research and develop ability. 

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