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What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing An Appropriate LED Display?

2018-08-14 09:53:14

Applications of Led Display

Which led display to use is determined by different demands. As for monochrome and graphics screen, the cost is lower. It is used to display text, suitable for banks, signboards of shopping mall, and emblems, etc. The dot pitch of P10 is recommended. Semi-outdoor or outdoor led display is better to choose if waterproof is required. As for indoor full-color led display, it is often used to display text, picture and video, suitable for indoor spaces such as conference rooms, control centers, TV studios, bars, halls, ballrooms and entertainment venues. As for outdoor full-color led display, the screen is waterproof. It is used to display text, picture and video in the open air, suitable for large outdoor plazas, such as stadiums, parks, squares, and outer walls of shopping mall. 

LED Display Main Application

LED Display market

Area of Led Display

The area of led display is determined by the environmental conditions. There are some main factors while making a plan for the size of led display: the display content, the installation space, the module size of led display, the pixel density. www.myleddisplay.com led display manufacturer can be customized according to customer requirements

led display

Dot Pitch of Led Display

Dot pitch is determined by the size of led display and viewing distance. Viewing distance is a subjective index. Pixel can not be distinguished by naked eyes, so comfortable to watch is first priority. Minimum viewing distance means the distance that viewers could see the image: viewing distance of led display = dot pitch(mm)×1000/1000. Best viewing distance means the distance that provides the viewer with the optimum immersive visual experience: best viewing distance of led display= dot pitch(mm)×3000/1000. Furthest viewing distance: furthest viewing distance of led display= Height of led display(m) ×30. In general, for large area led display, in order to reduce the cost, it is recommended to use led display with larger dot pitch, under the condition of meeting pixel demands and minimum viewing distance.


Decorative Frame of Led Display

The area of led display is composed with two parts: net area of led display and frame area. So clients need to confirm the net area of led display as well as the frame area. The size of the frame is determined by the size of screen and the installation space. To get a perfect overall appearance, if the installation space is enough, following datum are recommended. If the area of led display is less than 10 ㎡, the width of frame is 5-10 cm; if the area of led display is less than 20 ㎡, the width of frame is 10-20 cm; if the area of led display is less than 50 ㎡, the width of frame is about 30 cm; if the area of led display is more than 50 ㎡, the width of frame is 40-50 cm.

led display panel

Heat Dissipation, Waterproof & Dampproof

Excellent heat dissipation is good to prolong the lifespan of led display. If the brightness of indoor led display is lower and the heat quantity is less, passive heat dissipation is recommended. If the brightness of outdoor led display is higher, the heat quantity is more, and the outdoor temperature is higher, subjective heat dissipation is needed during installation. Axial flow fan for industry is recommended, or using air conditioner if it is affordable. In severe cold regions, heating facilities is recommended to make sure the electron components in the screen can be worked properly. As for indoor led display, with lower waterproof demand and higher dampproof demand, the simply cabinet and module can be used. As for outdoor led display, with higher requirements for cabinets, it is recommended to use sealed cabinets, and then seal the package again. Double sealed measures for better performance of waterproof and dampproof. 

waterproof led display

Installation of Indoor Led Display:

It is recommended to use magnet mounts. Another choice is fixed installation. There are several ways of fixed installation. Wall-mounted type - the wall need to have strong bearing capacity. It can not be brick wall or hollow wall. Hang type - It is not recommended for poor safety, just for small led display or banner screen. Sit type - it is recommended for large led display. The steel holders is installed on the floor, which is safest and most stable in structure. If the led display need back maintenance, enough space is needed at the back of the led display, usually the thickness is about 60cm(screen body included). Flexible type - as for some stage led display, it is movable. The installation is complex. The support structure of led display is designed after we know customers demands. 

indoor led display

Installation of Outdoor LED Display

Three Main Ways of Outdoor Led Display Installation:

1.Recessed Installation. The led display is embedded in the buildings. The cost is lower. If choosing this way to install, there should be enough spare room for led display.

2.Independent Installation. It could be steel structure or concrete construction. Usually it is for unipoles or dual poles. Unipoles are suitable for display which is less than 8m in length and less than 6m in height. The diameter of the unipoles ranges from 325-625mm. The diameter of dual poles is determined by the screen body. In general, it ranges from 625-1200mm. The size and depth of the base for the poles, which is made of cement, are determined by the geological conditions. The steel structures on the top of the poles are common products with the thickness of 800-1200mm(screen body included).

3.Sit Type Installation: The led display is installed on the floor or roof. If on the roof or other places, the bearing capacity must be taken into consideration. And clients have to get permission of the house designers in advance. There should be bearing beam or pillar right under the screen, instead of putting the screen on the floor directly. If the screen is on the higher place, sway brace must be considered. It is also the bearing beam or pillar. The steel structures of screen body is same to the common display.

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