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Customized LED Display Screen
2018-07-02 15:47:38

What are the advantages of custom LED display. 

Our company provides perfect solutions to Led display customization, which will reproduce clients requirements. With the professional technology and modernized led display production line, we manufacture the unique led display products, satisfying clients personalized requirements, turning clients’ imaginations into reality.


For personalized requirements of special clients, we will provide professional customization service. We will redesign the products according to clients requirements. The changes include to redesign the product model, remold the product structure, readjust the product lightness, etc.,  so that the led display could meet customers personalized demand at the greatest extent.

Based on market demand, custom LED display is become more and more popular. So what are the features of custom LED display? Which goods are suitable for customization?

Features of custom led screens:

Custom led screen is a time-honoured conception, which means the demands to the enterprise are much higher, from researching to producing. The clients from different hierarchies and industries need different products. In the past year, clients had to choose the same product by the LED display manufactures “passively”. But things are quite different now. They start to make more requests about products, and pursuit the “customization”.

Now on the market, led display screens tend to be same. Meanwhile the consumption structure has upgraded continuously; the consumption habit has changed considerably. For the traditional function products, they would no longer be able to meet the native customers’ demands. As time goes by, the customers demand has been transformed. They focus on function and branding before, but now they desire to experience and participant. In other words, the time of customizing led display is coming. 

Our Advantage

Supported by the industry-leading technology team, consisting of Technology Department, Development Department, Testing Workshop, and Laboratory, our company provide solid financial foundation for the technical research. Besides, our company has built a Top LED production base in Shenzhen Province, China, covering an area up to 1,000 square meter. With advanced technology and efficient management, the customizing products could be produced quickly, which would shorten the project duration effectively and help clients save lots of time.

About custom cycle

Led display is a kind of custom products. Usually, they are designed and made according to the size provided by clients. So it takes some time. Some products such as PCB, power adapter and control card are in stock. The production cycle of a normal led display about 10-30 square meters is 3-10 days, of a full-color led display about 50 square meters is 10-15 days, of a led display about 100 square meters is within 30 days. As for the super big led display about hundreds square meters, the production cycle is decided by the factory’s existing orders and production status.

Which led display products are more suitable for customization?

1、Special shape led display

It includes most normal LED display: arc, sphere, cylinder, cubes, Rubik cube and other shapes. The structures are different, so it is much stricter for led display manufacturer to have better technologies. It may cause a lot of problems if the technology does not reach the required standard, for example, the uneven surface caused by the excessive gap between the splice led displays or the discontinuous surface of the splice screens, which destroy the beauty of the integrated design, and result in the bad viewing effect.  

Special shapes LED screens

Special shape led display

2、TOLED (LED Transparent Screen)

LED Transparent screen could be turned into different shapes, such as arc form, backdrop, Rubik cube, etc. There are strict rules for the size of LED transparent screen. If there is any deviation, it fails. These led displays are designed on the basis of different scenarios, not by one mould. So everyone is different. Each link throughout the led transparent screen manufacturing, in any cases, is not decided emotionally. Every aspect should be considered: the special scenario and usage while operating the screen, the customized led chip with “exceptional function”, the smallest details. Led display manufacturer must make sure the splice screen is smooth, and with the technology of packaging and slicing, led display has distinguished effects. 

Transparent LED Screen

3、Flexible Led Display (LED Soft Screen)

Curved and flexible, the most important feature of led soft screen, make it suitable for various application scenarios. MyLedDisplay’s LED soft screen has been used in many countries and regions at home and abroad, including outdoor LED display, 3D shaping, sphere, sails, arc, etc. We always believe that the customizing products is more suitable for customers needs. 


Flexible Led Display

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