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HD Full Color & Detachable P6.25 Rental LED Stage Display

HD Full Color & Detachable P6.25 Rental LED Stage Display
HD Full Color & Detachable P6.25 Rental LED Stage Display
HD Full Color & Detachable P6.25 Rental LED Stage Display
HD Full Color & Detachable P6.25 Rental LED Stage Display
HD Full Color & Detachable P6.25 Rental LED Stage Display
HD Full Color & Detachable P6.25 Rental LED Stage Display
HD Full Color & Detachable P6.25 Rental LED Stage Display
HD Full Color & Detachable P6.25 Rental LED Stage Display
Product Details:
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:
1 Square Meter
Packaging Details:
Wooden box or Flight case
Payment Terms:
L/C T/T Western Union Paypal Credit Card, MoneyGram
Supply Ability:
5,000 square meters per month

P6.25 Rental LED Stage Display Introduction: 

For P6.25 HD rental Led stage display from MyLedDisplay, the refresh rate is up to 5000HZ, the image quality is more stable and smooth, without flickers. There is no scanning lines, the image is clear with high contrast. Integrated 16 bit gray scale makes the image exquisite and vivid, leaving no streaks while delivering the dynamic image of high speed, which is rich in color and stereoscopic vision; distributed network: no breakdown, needing no overhauling within ten years; compared to traditional display, it saves energy by 30%.

p6.25 rental led screen

P6.25 led rental screen

Features of P6.25 Rental Led Stage Display

1. With imported high quality led tube cores, the led display has the advantages of wide view angle, high brightness, high gray scale, excellent antistatic ability, best color uniformity, no dead lamp, low luminous decay, low failure rate, and easy to maintain.

2. With SMD three in one technology, the led display has wide view angle and better surface roughness while using it indoors.

3. High brightness SMD is designed to be used outdoors, the brightness value is up to 5500cd per square meter; the image of P6.25 rental led stage display is more exquisite and lifelike because the color and the brightness can be adjusted at the same time.

4. High contrast and high refresh rate (5000HZ) make it possible that there is no delay while led display delivers the images;

5. For products of different batches, Led cabinets of same specification are corrected to same brightness and color.

6. With double backup system, P6.25 indoor & outdoor rental led display will not stop working due to system failure. 

7. It is compatible with different input signal source such as TV、HDTV、SVideo、NTSC/PAL、DVI、VGA、SDI and Unilumin3300(HD LED Video and picture processor), so that the signal source can be converted.

8. The flight box make it easy to transport led display, and it protects the rental control system well.

9. The cabinet of P6.5 full color outdoor rental led display is designed to make it easy to hang better. It is more convenient for rental company to install and disassemble. The design of seamless connection between cabinets make it easy to adjust the cabinet up and down. 

10. The screen body is lightweight and ultra slim, easy and quick to install and disassemble.

11. With concealed wiring, there is no disorganized cables on the back of the led display.

12. There are holders on the top and both side of the led display, make it convenient to install the led display. 

p6.25 LED rental screen

Advantages of Myleddisplay.com:

1. Led full color digital large screen from www.myleddisplay.com is equipped with new mask, so that there is no reflection of the light emitted by led display, guarantee the display effect. 

2. Unique led lamp downdip technology makes the look-down angle of the led display enlarged reasonably, to get a better view effect.

3. With thermal spraying technology, the cabinet of unit module for led full color digital display is more antirust.

4. The roughness of the module mounting surface should be controlled within ±0.2mm.

5. With wave-peak soldering techniques, it has anthracene oil oxygen barrier, protect the PCB from moistening and oxidizing, extend lifespan; the screen switch is used frequently, decrease the failure rate of power adapter.

6. In order to reduce the problem of poor contact, all the cables are laid through the fishbone hole of the modular joint; to get a better waterproof performance, the front side of the module is glued with high quality imported glue, on the back there is waterproof rubber ring.

7. Complied with IP65 certification, it has the high performance of waterproof and dustproof. 

8. All-weather display, it can be used under any circumstance; high brightness, better waterproof performance, high reliability.

9. It is used widely in outdoor advertising display; equipped with universal control system, the flexibility is increased while clients are using the led display.

10. High quality: From the raw material to finished products, from research to produce, the whole process is controlled, guarantee the product quality.

p6.25 rental led display

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