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P8 Outdoor High Security & Corrosion Protection LED Video Signs Display

P8 Outdoor High Security & Corrosion Protection LED Video Signs Display
P8 Outdoor High Security & Corrosion Protection LED Video Signs Display
P8 Outdoor High Security & Corrosion Protection LED Video Signs Display
P8 Outdoor High Security & Corrosion Protection LED Video Signs Display
P8 Outdoor High Security & Corrosion Protection LED Video Signs Display
P8 Outdoor High Security & Corrosion Protection LED Video Signs Display
P8 Outdoor High Security & Corrosion Protection LED Video Signs Display
P8 Outdoor High Security & Corrosion Protection LED Video Signs Display
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Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:
1 Square Meter
Packaging Details:
Wooden box or Flight case
Payment Terms:
L/C T/T Western Union Paypal Credit Card, MoneyGram
Supply Ability:
5,000 square meters per month

Features of P8 Outdoor Led Display

1. Magnetic structure, convenient front maintenance. MyLedDisplay is exactly world’s first front maintenance fine pitch led display. Maintenance tools magnetize the module and pull it out horizontally, it can be disassembled within 3 seconds, convenient and efficient. Any module, power adapter and receiving card can be maintained from the front side.

2. The whole cabinet can be installed from the front side. With the solution to front maintenance wall-hung installation of fine pitch Led display, there is no need to build a pit lane. Led display can be installed close to the wall.

3. The module is designed with magnetic structure, which can be taken down and installed from the cabinet quickly, the installation speed is 5 times faster than the common cabinets from the market. Fixed wall-hung installation, the previous structure can be used directly, taking place of LCD perfectly, every thing is easy. Golden ratio of 16:9, four cabinet can be combined into one screen of 55 inch. The original LCD video source can be used directly. 

4. With dual backup system of power adapter, system card and flight plug, dual channel signal input, it can check the signal automatically. If there is something wrong with one signal of power adapter, the other signal will start to work automatically, making sure the led display can work properly.

5. There are hidden holders on the top and both side which make the cabinet can be carried by one person easily. There are opaque stripes around the cabinet to make sure the light will not be emitted out, making the splicing gaps better.

6. Precise cutouts, aluminum die-casting cabinet, it is perfect and seamless; locating slot and positioning pin holes make it having no problem with installation. 

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Applications of P8 Outdoor Led Display

Educational Propaganda: Interactive system in campus, training center, etc.

Public Space: Digital bulletin boards for transportation industry and public space, for example: airports, train station, metro station and highway station; library, museum, and shopping mall.

Commercial Presentation: TV studio, grand shows, and commercial exhibitions; hotel lobby, enterprises and institutions, etc.

Government Departments: Propaganda, guidance, government affair opening

P8 Outdoor High Security LED Video Signs Display

P8 Outdoor Led Display-High Security, Corrosion Protection, Dust Proof & Water Proof

With professional outdoor individual module and well-sealed waterproof cabinet, there is no worry about water erosion enters the screen body from the outside. 

Unique mask design, dustproof and water proof, corrosion protection, having an IP65 rating for ingress protection.

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Better HD Images with Rich Color

With the development of outdoor fine pitch led display, additionally, the outdoor led screen becomes bigger and bigger, the resolution ratio of the whole screen reaches a higher level, so our led display could deliver better HD images with rich color.

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Energy Saving and Eco-friendly, Best Products with Reasonable Price

The led display uses luminescent materials which are energy saving products, equipped with professional constant current drivers, energy-saving IC and high conversion driver power, the brightness can be adjusted automatically.

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Ultra Wide Viewing Angle

Ultra Wide Viewing Angle of 120°, you can watch at any place as you want.

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Better Color Uniformity reduce the fatigue of eyes.

The deviation of the wave length is within ±2nm; the chroma is in harmony with the brightness, up to 99%; the roughness is within ±0.1mm, the gap between each cabinet is less than 0.2mm, so our led display is with better color uniformity. 

P8 outdoor led display board

Specification of P8 Outdoor Led Display 

Pixel Density15625
Size256*128Best viewing angle8m-50mAverage Power290
Pixel pitch8mmRefresh rate≥1920Life Span10W hours

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