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The Solution To Indoor LED Display

2018-06-29 10:19:43

MyLedDisplay led display screen supplierslaunch a new series of products-- fine pitch aluminum die-casting led display. It combines the seamless HD display technology with performing and broadcasting system perfectly. Seamless HD display terminal, flexible and economical display size, audio and video combination, splice and combine screen flexibly, with these advantages, it is sure for our led screen to display all the required information perfectly to clients in all professions.


It can be used in all indoor spaces to publish the information of text, picture, video, etc. For example: the large area commercial indoor ads, halls, lobbies, hotels, exhibition halls, stadiums, TV stations, station ticket halls, government offices, entertainment clubs, banks, securities, transportation, industry and commerce, electricity, customs, hospitals, parks, airports and other fields. 

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1.Adjustable brightness: the brightness will adapt to lighting condition, energy-saving and eco-friendly;

2.Low brightness&high gray scale: the brightness could adopt infinitely variable control, make it suitable for different indoor environment. The image is much brighter, the detail is more perfect. 

3.Controlled by network: support network control, compatible with wifi, broadband, 3G network. You could control the screen of different cities in one place, changing the things you want to play at any time.

4. Optical fibre transmission: Long transmission distance results in signal delay. After using efficient optical fibre transmission system, signal delay is reduced efficiently; what you see on the screen is what happens on the spot.

5. Dual back-up system: The power supply and the system has dual back-up system, once there is something wrong, it can be switched to back-up system automatically or manually. It will not affect the operation of the display.

6. Lightning protection: There is a build-in lightning protection system in the display, protect the display from burning because of the lightning stroke.

7. Aluminum cabinet: the led display is sliced smoothly, ensuring a good cooling and high accuracy. Support the whole screen of any size with “the real seamless slice”.

8. Light up the led display pixel by pixel, chroma emendation: making sure the brightness and color of the screen has consistency and reducibility.

9. Wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio(3000:1), high brightness(adjustable), high gray scale(14 bit greyscale processing), high refreshment(1920HZ9 refresh rate), the color is soft, the image is lifelike. It is good to display image of high-speed motion. 

10. The cabinets is lightweight and slim, occupying small space, and easy to transport, install and disassemble.

11. Video Splicer System: support to display the HI-FI sync processor with lots of signals. 

12. The cabinets are connected with special clips, no need to use other tools. Easy and quick to install and disassemble. 

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